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SF in Nature, Futures / The Most Beautiful Sun of Our Earth

October 7, 2009 Posted by Emre S. Tasci

Nature has a very nice section called the Futures in where they publish very short (1 page at most) science fiction stories.

I started writing stories long before I started writing scientific articles and had this story of mine, “The Most Beautiful Sun of Our Earth” written some 9 years ago (in Turkish). Last week, the idea to re-write/revise it in English and submit it to the Futures occurred to me, so on an insomniatic night (or whatever is the correct English term), I sat down in front of the word processor and pulled it out.

The original story had me and -my then girlfriend- Bengü as the protagonists but I felt that it would be too selfish so, I “borrowed” my dear friend (my battalion as we call it), Andy and his girlfriend Serene for the part. The following day I asked Andy’s permission for the inclusion and also his help to edit this English version of the story, which he kindly accepted.

At the end, I submitted the story to Nature and from the tone of this entry most probably you’ll think that it was accepted for publication and hoorraay and all that but no, yesterday, I got a reply stating that, it wasn’t accepted and that’s it.

The good thing coming out of this is that, Andy actually liked the story very much and this story being one of my favorite SF stories, I’m really happy for it. So, if you’re still interested, you can get a copy of it, completely free from any possible obligations to Nature publishing were it to have been otherwise.. 8)

Emre S. Tasci – “The Most Beautiful Sun of Our Earth”