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A "Little" Information About Me

After I meet someone, usually, at the first chance, I plunge into internet to learn more information about the person in question. Upon considering this habit of mine, I wanted to offer a similar thing for people like me where they can find more info about me. And then again, there is the issue of the "lists things": which authors do I read, who are my favorite directors, what kind of music do I listen to... The answers to these questions must be the most direct and practical ways to have an opinion about a person, so they will also be included. Let's start, shall we?

Well, I'm Emre Sururi Tasci, obsessed with literature and physics and I usually mention my name as "Emre S. Tasci" while doing physics and as "Emre Sururi" (among other nome de plumes) for my literary work. Up until now I've had the "joy" of writing this kind of "About Me" pages two times previously in the past -- one for the literary site Epigraf that I've coded and been maintaining, and the other for my blog's related section. While set on to write, it seems that one will keep it updated but this is usually not the case. For this reason, I felt an urge to re-phrase the "story" once again..

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